Project History

In 2010, the National Critical Care & Trauma Response Centre (NCCTRC) created a prototype, to allow for real world testing of a handheld device, that would allow persons responding to major incidents the ability to collect information electronically without a significant change to their existing workflows.

A Proof of concept trial was undertaken in Mid 2010, in a multi jurisdictional exercise, undertaking blinded trials to compare the speed, efficiency, accuracy etc of the prototype system vs traditional methods on scene.




Current Status

The project has successfully completed the core conceptualisation, tendering, and development phases of the project. TrackMi is now entering the refinement phase – allowing the Australian community to trial the system in their own jurisdiction, to identify the benefits that the system could bring to their organisation.

It will also allow for the identification of areas that require improvement – either to meet local business needs, or more generally, to allow the products usefulness to be improved for response to real-world incidents.

The NCCTRC has a long road map of development, to add extra functionality to the system.